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  1. We do not have opening hours, please come at the time of you wrote or inform us if you’re late.
  2. We do not copy any work (neither our own previous work nor the work done by others).
  3. The standard height of our cakes is 7.5 cm.
  4. The cake box must be placed in the car on a straight surface, either in the trunk, on the floor, or you can let a passenger hold it. The place of the cake box is not on a tilted car seat. 
  5. We are not responsible for the loss of the presentable appearance of incorrectly transported goods.
  6. Large, more complicated decorations must be removed before cutting the cake. Remove the 3D fondant figures from the cake and check that you can see a wooden stick at the bottom of the figure. 
  7. All 3D figures include wooden supports.
  8. Orders must be cancelled 72 hours in advance! The costs of the order will not be refunded.

You can pay for your order in cash when you pick it up. If you choose delivery by courier, we will send an invoice by e-mail no later than the evening of the previous day. If you want an invoice for the company, please add details to the order.