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before ordering the wedding cake:

Find out from us if the desired date is still available.
Determine the approximate number of guests (don't forget the staff).
Do you want a dessert table or sweet gifts for the guests in addition to the wedding cake?

if the date is booked with us:

Send us the location of the party, theme, colours, pictures of flower arrangements, invitation style.
Do you need transport?
Do you also want to rent cake stands?


-Mini cakes for guests and 18cm ⌀ cake for cutting. Mini cakes can be placed on the tiered cake stand and on the top tier the cake for cutting. This gives the impression of a layered cake. Another option is to serve the mini-cakes to the guests and cut the slightly larger cake yourself on a smaller cake stand.

-A selection of different cakes. For example, in the case of 60 people, 5 cakes, of which the middle one is the most magnificently decorated and which the bride and groom can cut themselves.

-Classic tiered cake

-Dessert table - Dessert tables are a great idea if you're looking to offer your guests a variety of desserts, custom designed to coordinate with your colour palette and theme. And when done right, they can be pretty darn unforgettable!

-We also offer wedding party favors, i.e. the opportunity to give guests truffles/macaroons individually packaged.


You can order a tasting box with 3 different mini cakes from us, which can be tasted at home or during a consultation at our studio. Tasting at home 20€ and at our place with the chef 30€.


Within Tallinn up to 25€ and out of Tallinn the price list applies:

1€ per km (round-trip)

It is always possible to transport the wedding cakes yourself with the help of a caterer or a guest if the wedding is further away and the transport is too expensive. In this case, find a reliable and calm driver.


We can send you a quote after you submit the inquiry. There will be extra cost for flowers and complex decorations. NB! The fresh flowers we use can come into contact with food and are grown without pesticides.